Friday’s blogs will be focus on Podcast Recommendations, and for this first one we will focus on what really matters…CHRISTMAS! We will give you a top two shows and link to a few others!

“Its hard to believe it but we are just 7 months away from Christmas. Which translated to being 5ish months from it being ‘socially acceptable’ to put up your decorations. “

-Rational people

The Christmas Podcast Network

No list of Christmas podcasts could exist with out mentioning the network where many of the great shows live.

Can’t wait for Christmas Podcast

Cant wait for Christmas podcast logo

Hosted by the one and only Tim Babb, this show drops on the 25th of each month! Yeah he understands the hype of the Christmas spirit.

The show is structured around Christmas news, history of traditions and just all around Christmas, be sure to vote in the Road to the Christmas Bow!

Deck The Hallmark

Deck the Hallmark logo

Love hallmark movies? Bran’s Your man!

Just enjoy them? Team Panda!

OR maybe you despise them? Dan is your guy

This show drops throughout the year and picks up as Hallmark channel begins to release the much awaited Christmas movies.

Each show is structured around the review of a single movie and often includes a special guest.


It’s a 90s Christmas podcast

Christmas Creeps

Advent Calendar house

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