Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports

“We’re A**holes, but we’re not scumbags”

Small Town Murder

Oh boy, this week on podcast friday, we have a doozy double hitter for you because honestly, I can’t really recommend one with out recommending the other. As you could expect, they have the same duo of hosts and share a lot of similarities. So lets jump right into it!

Small Town Murder

Crime In Sports

I know what you’re thinking…

No, you don’t need to like small towns or sports to enjoy either of these shows. However, one thing that you do have to be okay with is dark humor. These shows go to great length to make fun of stupid criminals, bumbling police force, etc. However, the hosts also go to great effort to not make fun of the victim or the victim’s family.

Side note: Most of the shows we recommend are for the most part safe for work, however you may want to screen a couple episodes of these before playing them in an office or around kids, or anyone who is easily offended.

What you will learn

  • Never name your kid after yourself; Being a junior is basically guaranteeing that you will be a criminal
  • Stay miles away from any and all land masses that even remotely resemble a panhandle.
  • Bumbling police forces will undoubtedly bumble
  • Small towns are crazy
  • Athletes are messed up

Show format

Each week on Small Town Murder, the host takes a deep dive into the insanely stupid [and typically racist, but I’m repeating myself] history of a small town. Before getting to the meat of the subject, a murder. The stories these guys find are beyond bizarre, and mind boggling. Here’s a few examples of how crazy this show is.

Crime in sports; Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games…with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. Again, I can not explain to you how crazy these stories are so here are some sample episodes.

About the hosts

James Pietragallo

Jimmie Whisman

Let the reviews speak!

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