Show concept:

What happens when you take 1 part – clicking the ‘Random Article’ button on Wikipedia and 1 part – Using a musical genre randomizer? You get the premise of Song Salad, a show where two immensely talented artist who that the scraps of what they are given from performing both previously mentioned tasks and somehow creating a completely original song.

About the hosts:

Shannon Deep

” I’m a professional writer, brand strategist, freelance dramaturg, and unapologetic nerd. I hold degrees in drama and creative writing with a Masters in arts management, all from Carnegie Mellon University. I take full credit for getting Scott into podcasts in general and MaxFun in particular. I write the lyrics on Song Salad. “

Scott Wasserman

“I’m a composer, orchestrator, electronic music programmer, and somewhat apologetic nerd. I work on big, splashy Broadway musicals like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, but try to stay grounded with lots of big ol’ flops in between. I also attended Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied music composition and vocal performance, and stole Shannon’s poetry to set to music. In case it’s not obvious, I write the music on Song Salad. “

What can you expect from this show?

…Maybe go into this with no expectations… after are they are using the ‘Random Article’ button on wikipedia for the song subjects. which has brought us such greats as a

  • Doowop song about Gollom,
  • Euro Pop song about 1812
  • Trap song about Bigfoot.
  • Christmas Song about Drugs
  • Psyscobilly Song about Starslayer Comic book (Pacific Comics)

Episodes to get you started:

The beauty of a Podcast like Song Salad is that it is forever, ever green. So to get you started here are a few recommendations of past episode for you to binge! Or you could also just start at episode one and work your way up through the gold that is Song Salad.

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