Each week we bring you a podcast that you may never have heard of in hopes to help you find your next favorite show. So far we’ve kept it pretty light, with mostly comedy shows…Well today is no different!

“All the true news you can use to blow a fuse”

Show premise

We’re living in some crazy times, looking at the news can be a daunting task. Most popular news sources have resorted to what sells, fear mongering. They suck you in by helping you understand what you’re suppose to believe, and think about what is happening. However for those wanting to leave the popular path and just sit back and laugh at some 3 named criminals, Weird! podcast has you covered.

Let’s meet the hosts

Craig Underhill and Aaron Lindsey are two life long friends who have a background in broadcasting, after reconnecting they decided to embark on starting a comedy podcast together. That decision gave birth to Weird! A two dudes podcast.

Where to start

While this is mostly an evergreen show, It can also be slightly topical on current events so listening to the current episodes is recommended. However feel free to start working your way through the extensive back catalog of comedy gold!

What you will gain

Each episode of Weird! is filled with ‘all the true news you can use to blow a fuse’ and you’re sure to find a story to add to you batch of small talk and awkward silence breakers. Celebrities such as Florida man make frequent appearances on the show showing all the crazy antics that gave him his name. Weird! podcast will also give you an endless amount of obscure music references and if you are in the market for a new band name, the guys are here to help you find the new name within the stories they tell.

Ready to dive in?


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