Great Bourbon, starts with a great morning coffee.


Louisville sits in the heart of Bourbon country, we are surrounded by some most amazing and oldest bourbon distilleries. But a small secret about the bourbon industry is that every batch starts with a steeping hot cup of coffee. Although I can’t confirm the brand of coffee in that cup I would hope that they are indulging on a one of our great local brews.

Louisville’s coffee scene

Our city is home to several great roasters who bring the best of what coffee has to offer.

Heine Brothers Coffee

One of Louisville’s most recognized coffee brands is of course Heine Brothers, founded in 1994 by Gary Heine and Mike Mays. As of today the company operates 13 Heine Bros coffee shops, 1 shop under the name Vint and a Coffee roast warehouse in the Portland neighborhood. Heine Brothers founders took on the world stage in 1999 when they became a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, Inc. an importer of fairly traded and organically grown green coffee operating in the United States and Canada.

Sunergos Coffee

Sunergos has a much later and humble beginning in the Louisville Coffee scene. In the early 2000s Matthew Huested and Brian Miller, both devout Christians, made an agreement with the roaster from Day’s Coffee on Bardstown Road. The two future shop owners would take over the roastery after Day’s shop closed for the day, they would then experiment with different techniques. They would eventually be able to move into their own shop which they called Sunergos.

“We do all that we can to both present and preserve the unique flavor of each kind of coffee bean we use,”

– Matthew Huested

Sunergos currently operates 4 locations across the city ranging from large open shops perfect for meetings to small shops dedicated to the busy business person on the go.

Stomping Grounds Coffee

Southwest Louisville, was once subject to seeking coffee from places such as Mcdonalds and Starbucks, however in 2016 Valley Station became home to the first locally owned coffee shop in the area. David and Julie Kennedy took a dream and created Stomping Grounds Coffee, a shop who would sell Sunergos Coffee Roasts and espresso.

Quills Coffee

Opening it’s first store in 2007, Quills has quickly became one of the cities larger coffee roasters who reaches with shops all the way up to Indianapolis is Quills Coffee along with also selling it’s coffee wholesale to a long list of coffee shops across the country.

“Great coffee, great service and great spaces. We believe there is something for everyone at Quills. Quality for All.”

This is far from an exhaustive list of the great coffee and shops located in Louisville but they are the favorites of and come with our highest recommendation.

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